Virtual Interactive Whiteboard

How Using a Tablet Computer and a Projector Can Fully Replace Interactive Whiteboards

Today I tried using my new Surface Pro 3 notebook for the first time in class with my students. I received the device as a benefit of Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts program.

Surface Pro 3

Instead of using a blackboard or an interactive whiteboard you can write everything in PowerPoint or another presentation tool. The script can be prepared at home or done during the dialogue with the students – on the fly either typed or handwritten with the pen which gives a natural writing and drawing experience. You can insert images or diagrams for better illustration and understanding. With the pen you can add further information while presenting, or you just scribble or draw arrows to emphasize the meaning of the shown.

For me the combination of a tablet computer and a projector even replaces fully satisfying an interactive whiteboard. The miracast function makes it possible to duplicate the screen without cable to the projector and so everything what’s happening on my surface is visible on the wall.

Now I can face the students and I don’t have to turn to the board hanging on the wall. Standing with your back to the students is neither beneficial nor particularly practical. I can even walk through the classroom with the surface in my hands or pass it to a student who would not be pleased standing alone in front of the class. In my opinion these possibilities will democratize the classroom and change the learning environment immediately.

With my fifth graders (ten years old) I tried today to work out reasons for threatened reptile species and protective measures.

snipkriechtiere It took us only ten minutes to get first presentable successes.

After having „played“ for a while, the students asked me if I can please please send them the presentation via email. And when school was over there was one boy waiting for me who once again wanted to add some information to the sheet. A little something that made me smile…

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